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PhD - Tuition & Fees

PhD Program in Nursing, Estimated Costs* - 2019-2020

These are the estimated annual expenses for students enrolled in the PhD program in nursing for nine or more semester hours for the fall and spring semester.


Iowa Residents


Tuition & Fees*






Living Expenses**







International Students
International Students should view the tuition and fees information on the Graduate Admissions website. Click here to access the webpage, then click on the "International" tab.

Students with Assistantships
Students holding an assistantship (quarter-time or more) are classified as residents for fee purposes for the terms during which their appointments are held and any adjacent Summer Sessions in which they are enrolled. They are not assessed a technology fee.

Students holding a quarter-time or more teaching or research assistantship (covered by the COGS bargaining unit) are assured a minimum tuition scholarship of $10,079 per year. This does not include scholarships for Summer Session enrollment. Rates are based on a registration of 9 semester hours (or more) and are prorated as necessary.

* This includes the following fees: technology, student activities, student services, student union, building, recreation facility, arts & cultural events, professional enhancement, student health, and mental health.

** Living expenses reflect the estimated annual student costs of housing, transportation, food, and other personal expenses based on federal financial aid guidelines (family expenses not included), according to the UI Office of Student Financial Aid.