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Spotlight Series - Greene County Medical Center

Greene County Medical Center, Jefferson, Iowa

Tell us a little bit about your facility.
Greene County Medical Center is a community-based critical access hospital located in Jefferson, Iowa. As a rural affiliate of UnityPoint Health, Greene County Medical Center offers inpatient care, skilled care, long-term care, and many outpatient services.  The medical center hosts ten specialty clinics every month and employs a women’s health provider, podiatrist and an orthopedic surgeon. The medical center has been serving Greene County and the surrounding communities since 1937.

How have you integrated the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program into your facilities process for transitioning new graduate nurses to practice?
Greene County Medical Center began participating in the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program in September 2015.  We were unsure of which option would work best in our facility, so the decision was made to enroll six participants in the blended program and four participants in the online program. By doing this with our initial group of participants, we were able to compare the options and obtain feedback from the participants on which is the better option. Our first group of residents are completing this program in September 2016. Moving forward, we will continue to enroll new graduates in the online program as it seems to provide the best work life balance for all.

What has been best part of initiating the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program at your organization?
The best part of initiating the Iowa Nurse Residency Program in our organization is to see the professional growth and development in our nurses!

How have you seen your nurse residents' performance improve since beginning the program?
The nurse residents in our facility have grown immensely in their communication skills, professionalism, and patient advocacy. They are now much more aware of evidence-based practice, quality indicators, and performance improvement projects. They are able to see the big picture that they can change patient outcomes at the bedside. They have taken personal accountability to be change agents within our facility to improve the care delivered to our patients.

Submitted by:
Ann Erickson, RN
Acute Care Director
Greene County Medical Center