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CNB Renovation Updates

In September 2015, after receiving state approval to proceed with the design process, Facilities Management (FM) submitted a Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit architectural firms that were interested in the College of Nursing Building (CNB) renovation project.

This Web page will greatly assist the college’s Finance & Operations unit in its ongoing effort to keep CNB occupants fully informed throughout the renovation process. Please check back for updates, including information regarding progress, utility shutdowns, meeting times/places and other details as needed or suggested by occupants.


February 12, 2018 Update

Click here for the latest news and photos re: the CNB renovation 

Click here for the renovation rendering video

Posted on: Feb 12th, 2018

February 8,2018 Update

Click here to view a PDF with recent images from the CNB renovation, including demolition and renderings 

Posted on: Feb 8th, 2018

January 26, 2018 Update

All walls, ceilings and flooring have been removed on ground and first floors. Asbestos abatement contractors are done until Summer, when they start on other floors. We have had a few bumps in the road and are looking at a few shutdowns in the near future. Otherwise the project is on schedule to date.

Future shutdowns:

Monday, January 29 – Elevator will be shut down from 6:30AM-7:30AM, I will send out an email when elevator is up. I’ve also added signage to the elevator and first floor.

Wednesday, January 31 – There will be a hot water shutdown in order to add isolation valves to each floor. This is needed in order to proceed with work, and not have to shut down hot water in the building every time they need to do a tie in, etc. This means that there will be no hot water to the bathrooms, kitchens, and most importantly there will be no hot water for heating. They have a plan to keep water flow to the Air Handling Unit, so that we can keep it running, and have air circulation; however, you can expect the building to get cold as the day progresses. We did choose a day predicted to be in the 40s to do this work. They will be working at the west end of each floor to install these valves, so be aware that this work is going on. This is anticipated to take most of the day.

Week of February 5-9 – We need to shut down data to the building in order to do a cutover from one switch to another as they are rebuilding the IT closet that supports 2nd floor research. This cut over will affect the whole building, but will only be an hour scheduled for 6:00AM-7:00AM. Once the date is decided I will send out an email explaining what needs to be done if anything. I’ve brought Patrick in on the discussion to make sure we are aware of everything affected.

West Stairwell – when the elevator went out this week we had some people confused about how to get in/out of the building. The West stairwell (closest to Newton Rd.) is the stairwell to use when exiting the building. It brings you to the front of the building, and you can follow the patio to the front entrance/circle drive. That way if the ground is soggy or there is snow, you will not have to walk through it. There is a plan to add a sidewalk from the East stairwell, but that won’t be done until this summer. 

As we continue to work through the heating, elevator and electrical issues, I appreciate your patience. As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to address them with me directly.

Jill Hartz

Posted on: Jan 26th, 2018

January 10, 2018 Update

As you will see walls from entry way to elevator are up, waiting for ceiling and lighting to be added and walls painted, which is planned to be done before students return on Tuesday. As I mentioned in the last update, crews are installing new hardware on the door to the West stairwell. This will become an amag entry that is scheduled the same hours as the front entrance. This should be working by Monday if not before. They are also adding lighting at this entrance. I imagine the elevator will get quite busy during class times, so this gives an alternative entrance to the building. 

As of today (Jan. 10), the project is on schedule with ground floor abatement finished. Air quality samples are being taken daily and all samples have come in below the allowed levels. I will have the numbers to share with you next week. All abatement is slated to be finished by January 26. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) will continue to monitor air quality during the duration of construction. All ceilings are out and most of carpet has been pulled up on both ground and first. Looks like a lot of progress, but remember, demolition is the easy part of the project. 

I’ve had some questions about project schedule for the second floor. Crews will start on second floor May 14 (after Finals week). They will start on third floor classrooms at this time as well. I will keep you updated on this portion of the project as it nears.  

Dean Zerwic, Associate Dean Stineman, Cheyenne Kimball (President UIANS), and myself met with the design team on December 20 to pick out fabric colors for the furnishings that were picked at an earlier meeting. It was fun to see the excitement from Cheyenne in visioning the new student space! We will be meeting a couple more times to finish picking finishes and then will have a “board” of the choices made to share with you.

The AV packaged bids are due on Thursday, January 11. I will announce who received this portion of the project once we know. 

As always, please feel free to talk to me about any questions or concerns with the project. Thank you.

Jill Hartz

Posted on: Jan 10th, 2018

December 14, 2017 Update

I want to thank everyone for their patience and support during the relocation of ground and first floor occupants as well as all the materials stored on these floors. There was a lot of coordination between movers, surplus, Tallgrass, and of course the people moving.  IT, Student Services and 101 office group have all been moved to our temporary locations for the next year. There are directories posted throughout the building, and I will also add it to the end of this post.

The Highlights: Dean Zerwic and her support staff are located in the north east corner of 4th floor; mailroom is located in 496; student lounge now located in atrium on 4th floor; and we have three new meeting rooms: 409, 307 and 311. Please check with your support staff to schedule these rooms. 

As Dean Zerwic announced, Conlon Construction was awarded the bid for the CNB Building Renovation and will start their work on December 18. I met with Conlon this week and they will start constructing the barriers blocking occupants from the construction area as soon as December 20. This will lead people from the front entrance on first floor to the elevator. For those of you who wish to use stairs we are working on making Entrance 5 (west stairwell) an entrance as well. This will require some hardware changes and may not happen as soon as we’d all like, but I am pushing for it to happen soon. We had hoped to keep the middle stairwell open to the 2nd floor, but because of the “openness” of the stairwell, it was hard to keep it open and contain the dust and noise so they opted to open the west stairwell for us instead.  

For those of you who need access to the freezer on ground, you will still have access, just know that you will be walking through a construction area to get to the freezer. They are required to maintain access to this room at all times. If you have any issues at any time, please let me know. The only access to the ground floor will be by elevator, all other doors will be changed to contractor entrance only.

I will be posting bi-weekly updates to the CON Renovation web link following our Progress meetings. If there are any shutdown notices or immediate updates those will be posted as needed. 

Thank you all for your patience during this long needed update to the College of Nursing.

Jill Hartz




Dean Julie Zerwic – 494

Dawn Pressler – 492

Kim Geguzis – 490

Liz Swanson – 368


Debra McFall Wallerich – 480

Linda Weir Jacobi – 482


Cheri Arneson – 446

Jill Hartz – 446

Bill Donahue – 433


Interim Associate Dean Anita Stineman – 420

Lin Pierce – 424

Karla Duwa - 452

Val Garr – 324

Student Services

Linda Myers – 474

Brooke Dwars – 470

Angela Melsa Worrell – 464

Jen Clougherty – 203-1

Renee Lepine – 203-2

Cheri Doggett – 203-4


Justin Pooley – 405

Scott Shaw – 405

Communications & Marketing

Cassie Raasch – 5116 WL
Leah Grout-Garris – 5116 WL

Posted on: Dec 14th, 2017

November 7, 2017 Update

Last week we held pre-bid walk through, which meant any contractor interested in bidding on the renovation project had the opportunity to walk through and ask questions of the architects and engineers. We had a large turnout and both architect and engineers said they have received a lot of interest in the project. Bids are due next Thursday at 2:00pm and everyone is optimistic that we will have good outcomes.

I am preparing ground and first floor occupants for relocation. Starting the week of Thanksgiving, IT will be moved to 4th floor. Keep in mind if you are looking for them after Thanksgiving they will be located in 405. There will be a lot of movement after Thanksgiving week in the building as UI Carpenter shop will be here to remove art from the walls, take down digital signage monitors, and many other misc items. UI movers and Tallgrass will be re-purposing furniture from ground and 1st into 3rd and 4th floors, for staff. Thank you to those of you who have given up your offices to accommodate us.

We will be hanging posters indicating the sequencing of the remodel around the building along with the new locations of those that have relocated. I will also send this information to the list serve as things progress. We are all looking forward to being amongst the faculty and staff on the 3rd and 4th floors and having the opportunity work more closely with everyone.

The occupants who are moving for the renovation will be transitioning to Skype for Business next week ahead of move to make sure everything is working. Please be patient with us as we learn how to use this new system.

Posted on: Nov 7th, 2017

June 2017 Update

Please click here for the latest update, including a new rendering of the new student common area

Posted on: Jun 28th, 2017

April 2017 Update

Please click here to view the updated renovation meeting schedule.

Posted on: Apr 18th, 2017

January 2017 Update

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the fourth floor lounge Tuesday, January 24, to talk/ask questions about the upcoming renovation floor plans. The following questions/concerns/suggestions were noted at this meeting and forwarded to the architects. Their responses are bolded below.

  1. New Room 133 outside elevator on fourth floor: Can the adjoining wall with the faculty/staff lounge be collapsible to allow for an overflow gathering within the two rooms?  We mentioned that the “cost” would be noise control. We certainly could, additional cost would be the construction cost of this new operable wall. 
  2. Are we putting into place some noise solutions for the dean’s suite offices and student services offices? Yes. The ceilings and carpet flooring will provide acoustic control.  Additionally, we can include a laminated glass in the windows even if they are clear; this will provide more sound separation to the adjacent areas.
  3. Should we talk about building security cameras now that more students and equipment will be visible from the outside? Yes. We have included campus security in our list of stakeholders to talk to when we move into design development. This has been typical on a number of our projects. 
  4. Can we add a diaper changing table (foldable) to the south wall of the assessable gender neutral restroom on first floor? Yes. Changing tables are actually required in the single use restroom so we anticipated including one in each. 

Additional notes -- mostly for occupants:

  1. Make sure we offer a course to teach faculty (ours and others who want to teach in our building) how to use the new classroom technology. We have typically included a minimum number of training by the installing contractor for the end user in the specification. This includes a minimum number of hours and trips.
  2. Can we install clocks that are synchronized to the same time throughout the building? Yes, we have experience with this system in other projects. 

Stay tuned for additional information on this Web page. In the meantime, please direct any questions to Jill, Hazel or Thad Wilson.

Posted on: Jan 25th, 2017


Central Administration is not able to provide any financial support for the CNB renovation project; therefore, the project will need to be substantially cut back. Central Administration is strongly encouraging the college to reconsider the decision to bring the NCEC into CNB. Members of UIHC, the Department of Nursing and the College of Medicine have been asked by Central Administration to include the College of Nursing’s simulation needs into the renovation project being planned for the current NCEC in UIHC. We are hopeful that meetings will be scheduled in the near future to address our simulation needs. When these meetings are held, and decisions are made with regard to the planned location for our space in UIHC (and the associated cost to the college), more information will be provided to all college employees. In the meantime, the project is on hold.  Following a decision on the NCEC, the dean and others will be soliciting input on the best course of action to take with regard to any renovation of CNB. The need for modern instructional space remains a top priority.

Posted on: Aug 8th, 2016