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April 2016 Renovation Update

We have received additional drawings from the architects for most of the spaces they heard discussed during the focus groups in January. These drawings represent models of spaces that would be used for the multiple different academic and research functions that take place in the building. At this point, the drawings have not been placed in any particular location within the building but that will happen soon. Measurements are shown on the drawings to assist with your perception of the square feet available. Please keep in mind that measurements are subject to change as the architects place the rooms within the building. 

Please review the drawings (see PDFs below) and provide feedback by printing the page(s) on which you wish to comment, write your feedback and your name on the drawings and scan/mail them to Jill Hartz who will forward them to the architects. This will ensure that BNIM receives the feedback directly from the primary source and help prevent any misinterpretation. 

There will be future opportunities for you to offer input so please stay tuned.

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Posted On: 
Apr 12th, 2016