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Central Administration is not able to provide any financial support for the CNB renovation project; therefore, the project will need to be substantially cut back. Central Administration is strongly encouraging the college to reconsider the decision to bring the NCEC into CNB. Members of UIHC, the Department of Nursing and the College of Medicine have been asked by Central Administration to include the College of Nursing’s simulation needs into the renovation project being planned for the current NCEC in UIHC. We are hopeful that meetings will be scheduled in the near future to address our simulation needs. When these meetings are held, and decisions are made with regard to the planned location for our space in UIHC (and the associated cost to the college), more information will be provided to all college employees. In the meantime, the project is on hold.  Following a decision on the NCEC, the dean and others will be soliciting input on the best course of action to take with regard to any renovation of CNB. The need for modern instructional space remains a top priority.

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Aug 8th, 2016