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What is Nursing?

How to Advise Your Student

Nursing is a path to be pursued by individuals with a strong science foundation who are interested in coordinating care, developing relationships, leading change, and thinking deeply about how health can be best maintained and improved (FON).

Questions students should consider when deciding if nursing is right for them:

  • Does the student have high ability in the sciences?
  • Are they looking for a hands-on career and educational experience?
  • Are they looking for a career with high patient contact?
  • Do they like teaching and being with people as they cope with health problems?
  • Are they looking for a career with varied opportunities for employment and the flexibility to change practice settings as their life situation or goals change?
    • Hospital
    • Public Health
    • Industry
    • Primary Care
    • School Nurse
    • Nurse Educator
    • Research
    • Administration
    • Informatics

The field of health care provides numerous opportunities for employment.  Each is vital to patient success and fulfills a unique role in patient care.   Below you will find tools to be able to guide a student towards the correct path.  Please note that while an associate degree is the entry level into practice, the Future of Nursing Report put out by the Institute of Medicine recommends increasing the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80 percent by 2020.  Therefore, the BSN will  be the standard for entry into practice in many areas of the country.