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Ahmed Al-Saaidi

Ahmed Al-Saaidi

Ahmed Al-Saaidi, RN, MSN, is from Oman. He started the PhD program at College of Nursing, University of Iowa in 2015. He received his BSN and MSN both from Villanova University in 2002 and 2007 respectively. His clinical background was on adult health. Currently he is working as a Director of Nursing at Ministry of Health, Oman.

His research interest is on nursing administration, nursing work environment, and care transition. He found the College of Nursing, University of Iowa to be the best place to pursue his PhD because of the unique environment that foster learning and growing. It was also due to the remarkable reputation of the program and the faculty. He appreciates the support and guidance that he receives as well as the opportunities for learning. He is interested to establish a long term relation with the College of Nursing

After completing his PhD, Al-Saaidi is interested to go back to Oman and be a nurse scientist where he can promote nursing profession in his country. He is interested to continue working in nursing administration and spend time as well teaching in a nursing school.

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Amany Farag and Dr. Sue Gardner