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Health Systems Testimonials

“I'm the CNO at Regional Medical Center in Manchester. I am finishing year 3 of 4 of the DNP-Health Systems Administration. I find this program to be flexible with a crazy schedule. This program is very applicable to my role and I would strongly recommend this program to anyone interested in working in nursing administration and serving in the highest nursing roles in health care. I work 60-ish hours a week, work on my schoolwork an average of 20-24 hours/week (mostly on the weekends), am a mom to four kids (12, 10, 6, 3), and have a pretty understanding husband who supports me greatly. I'm not telling you this to 'boast' about myself, I'm telling you this because it can be done. I'm nothing special and if I can do it, anyone can do it. Since I finished undergraduate school, I've wanted to achieve a terminal degree in nursing before I was 40. By May 2019, I'll achieve my goal with three months to spare. If you have a dream to achieve your doctorate and want to be in nursing administration, this is the program for you! The network you will build throughout the journey of this program is invaluable. I've connected with state and national nurse leaders through my experiences who are now lifelong colleagues. My goal is to be the best CNO I can be for my community hospital. I've grown so much as a leader and person through this experience.”--Heather Ries

"I love this program! I am BSN-DNP, graduated with my BSN in May 2017 and started DNP in fall of 2017. I am working 90% as a staff nurse, rotating days and nights so it keeps me very busy but the online aspect is so nice for flexibility to be able to work on school whenever and wherever! My practicums so far have been with a director at UIHC (where I work as a staff nurse) and the President/CEO at UnityPoint- Waterloo (Cedar Falls is my hometown so it was convenient for traveling), which have both been wonderful! I just schedule my days with them when I am not working. This program has enabled me to experience many things that I would not have had the opportunity to as a staff nurse. It has also allowed me to gain exposure to nursing administration at the highest levels. As for tuition, there are many different scholarship opportunities that can be applied for through the College of Nursing!"--Emily Murphy RN-BSN, Neonatal Intensive Care- UISFCH DNP student, University of Iowa, College of Nursing

“The Health Systems DNP program has given me the knowledge, skills, and confidence I need to function as a nurse leader within an ever-changing and evolving health care system. During the DNP program, I was able to focus my education and my DNP project on quality improvement. By doing so I was able to improve system failures within a health care system and follow my pas­sion of improving the quality of care for patients. I would recommend the University of Iowa’s Health Systems DNP program to any nurse looking to pursue a career in nursing leadership or quality improvement. I feel that this program has increased the value of what I, a nurse in a leadership position, can bring to the table.”-- Kelley Blackburn, DNP, RN, Process Improvement Coordinator, Clinical Quality, UnityPoint, Des Moines

“The UI DNP Health Systems Administration course work provided me a rich knowledge base in the concepts of leadership, quality, evidenced-based management prac­tices, and systems management. The knowledge and skills I gained were immediately transferable to my practice and have helped me to be an effective nurse leader in in today’s complex health care environment.” -- Heidi Shedenhelm, DNP, RN, NE-BC, Nurse Administrator, Department of Nursing, Mayo Clinic,  Rochester, Minn.