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MSN-CNL - Welcome

Lindell JosephThe University of Iowa has a long, distinguished, and proud history of being on the forefront of leadership knowledge and future nurse leader preparation. We are well positioned to support the emerging role of the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL). Our progressive curriculum in conjunction with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) guidelines, and emerging evidence supports the evolving and future needs of the practice environment across the continuum of care. We believe our content, innovativeness, curriculum, world class faculty, and online approach are great assets that will exceed your expectation as a future CNL.

Why UI?

These are some of our traditions that inspire other students:

  1. We support small classes that foster positive relationship between students and with our faculty.
  2. The UI College of Nursing is recognized as one of the elite nursing schools in the country.
  3. Several of the college’s programs rank among the nation’s very best.
  4. Faculty who teach in the CNL program are recognized as national and international leaders in their areas of expertise.
  5. Our faculty use creative teaching methods to ensure your engagement and learning.
  6. You can also participate in our Facebook community to develop networks and knowledge for future opportunities.
  7. Two of our students, who started in 2014, were recently published in a peer review journal.

What’s Next?

  1. We are starting a CNLA chapter.
  2. We are using various evaluation methods to advance knowledge on the competencies required for CNLs for advancing outcomes and enhancing the quality of care in the micro system.
  3. We are engaged in CNL research, and are studying how best to foster interdependency of the CNL role with other clinical roles in the micro system.

Do not hesitate to contact me about continuing the next phase of your career.


M. Lindell Joseph, PhD, RN, FAAN
MSN-CNL Program Director