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DNP - Prerequisite Information


An upper-level statistics course should be completed within five (5) years of the application deadline. Acceptable University of Iowa courses are as follows: STAT:3510 (22S:101), PSQF:4143 (07P:143), STAT:4143, and (22S:102), or BIOS:4120 (171:160). Equivalent courses from other colleges will be accepted as well. The course must be an undergraduate, upper-level (junior/senior) course. For courses outside the University of Iowa, please refer to the college’s catalog or registrar’s office to verify the course numbering scheme. Also note that community college courses are very good; however, they are considered undergraduate freshman/sophomore courses, and therefore, we will not be able accept them as a prereq statistics course. The course must be taken for a letter grade and you must receive a C or higher (for classes taken during the spring 2020 semester we will accept a P grade). Note that this prereq does not apply to the Post-APRN-DNP program. If you have further questions, contact Jen Clougherty ( or Renee Lepine (

Persons may enter a program of study for the Doctor of Nursing Practice with a bachelor's or master's degree in nursing.