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College of Nursing to Participate in New Alumni Mentor Program

No matter how long ago, there’s no doubt that most of you vividly remember what it was like to be a brand new nurse. For some, it was an easy transition in a familiar territory. Yet many graduates moved away from Iowa City and started in a new facility in a different city. No matter the type of the move, did you ever wish you had someone who could answer your questions outside of your new work place? Maybe even outside of your friends circle?

The College of Nursing is going to pilot a new program with the upcoming May 2013 graduating class and we would like your help. Somewhat like a pen pal,” the college is looking to connect the graduating students with alumni via email. You will be matched with a new grad whose intent is to practice nursing in a setting similar to yours. When possible, the college will even match you up with someone who is going to live in your state or city. As a mentor, you will be asked to answer their questions via email unless you and your mentee prefer to meet up in person.

What will the new grad ask?
Some grads may ask hard questions like “How did you deal with your first patient loss?” Others may ask questions about how to deal with working the night shift or when they should consider going back to school for a graduate level degree, or regarding the closest “safe” neighborhoods in proximity to where they work?

It will be up to the student to initiate a conversation with you after the initial introduction and their questions will always be their own, based on their experience as a new grad. 

If you would like to mentor a new grad, please contact:

Adelaide Caprio (BSN ’06)
Alumni Representative to Alumni Association
College of Nursing

Liz Swanson (BSN ’69, MA ’75, PhD ’85)
Director, External Relations
College of Nursing

Posted On: 
Nov 13th, 2012