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ASOON Scholarship Winners Announced

Old nurses never fade away…they pass on their legacy of caring to a new generation

The American Society of Old Nurses (ASOON) , who formed a lifetime of friendship after their student days in the College of Nursing at the University of Iowa, established the scholarship fund after their dear friend, Harriete L. (Brody) Verhille of Rock Island, Ill., died in 1995. “When Harriete passed away, creating a scholarship seemed like a nice memorial to her,” said Betty Lou (Boyer) Verhille. Betty Verhille died after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease on January 26, 2006; however, her husband, Bob Verhille, and friends continue to invest in the ASOON Scholarship Fund. 

Since graduating in 1957, this inspiring long-term friendship has only deepened. Not only have they and their spouses continued investing in the ASOON Scholarship Fund; they have travelled together all over the world. What began with chain letters and occasional visits has evolved into a legacy of investing in quality nursing education. More than 15 students have benefitted from the ASOON Scholarship Fund thus far.

The 2012-2013 scholarship recipients, Jill Ahlers (left) and Claire Hubbard (right) are pictured with Bob Verhille, ASOON representative, and Liz Swanson, External Relations Director, UI College of Nursing.  

Members of ASOON include: Jean R. (Rinker) Fuller of Dallas; Karen E. (Robertson) Klontz of Oklahoma City; Jane Eloise (Weir) Ramseyer of Palos Verdes, Calif.; Virginia K. (Taylor) Jones of Phoenix; Betty Lou (Boyer) Verhille of Solon, Iowa (deceased); and Harriete L. (Brody) Verhille (In Memoriam). In addition, their spouses continue to be supportive of the initiative as well. They are: Dale Fuller, M. D., Herbert Klontz, Jr. D.D.S., J. Carroll Ramseyer, M.D., Bob Jones, Bob Verhille, and Don and his wife, Pamela Verhille. 

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Dec 14th, 2012