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Several CON Alumni Among this Year’s ‘100 Great’

Each year, 100 Great Iowa Nurses are selected from a pool of hundreds of admirable candidates and honored by the state of Iowa, fellow nurses and community leaders.

This year’s 100 Great Iowa Nurses, which includes a number of graduates from the University of Iowa’s College of Nursing, will be honored May 5 at Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines.

100 Great Iowa Nurses (2013) – UI College of Nursing Alumni

Margaret Adams (MA ’90)
Kimberly Bergen-Jackson (BSN ’06, MSN ’08)
Cheryl Bombei (BSN ’75, MSN ’06)
Nancy Brauhn (BSN ’73, PhD ’98)
Peg Broadie (BSN ’83)
Debra Bruene (MA ’93)
Jennifer Carpe (BSN ’91)
Mary Beth Davis (BSN ’05)
Kirsten Hanrahan (BSN ’85, MA ’94, DNP ’10)
Carol Hellman (BSN ’77)
David Hickman (BSN ’77, MPH ’84)
Kari Jones (BSN ’94)
Joan Krull (BSN ’99)
Lorna Lahammer (BSN ’95)
Jerri Louis (BSN ’98)
Patricia McDermott (MA ’88)
Jacqueline Nelson (BSN ’80, MBA ’87, MA ’94)
Lisa Nelson (BSN ’03, MSN ’09)
Peggy O'Neill (MSN ’00)
Joshua Petersen (MSN ’08)
Kelly Petrulevich (BSN ’03)
Dennis Pruckler (BSN ’74)
Cherry Shogren (BSN ’82)
Jennifer Sleiter (MSN ’01)

The complete list of this year’s 100 Great Iowa Nurses as well as additional details can be found at

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Created by the Iowa Nurses Association, the Iowa Nurses Foundation, the Iowa Hospital Association and the University of Iowa College of Nursing to honor outstanding nurses from across the state, this annual program recognizes nursing professionals who have displayed the highest levels of professionalism and commitment to their patients. 

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Apr 30th, 2013