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Serving The Citizens of Iowa . . . in all 99 Counties!

The College of Nursing's service mission focuses on applying our resources to improve health care for Iowans.

An important part of this endeavor involves extending our academic programs to students who are unable to move to Iowa City in order to advance their nursing education. Some of these students are practicing registered nurses, with families and jobs in communities across the state. Our RN-BSN and graduate programs that are offered online allow them to continue to work, providing nursing care in their communities while pursuing advanced nursing education. The professional development of these practicing nurses is key to expanding the breadth and depth of health care services available to Iowans.

The excellence of health care available to Iowans is directly influenced by the collaborative activities of the College of Nursing with nurses and other health care providers across the state. Through development of partnerships with nurses in facilities and agencies throughout Iowa, the newest research-based information is being implemented into care delivery at the local level. This improves the quality of care Iowans receive and enhances the equality of care available throughout the state.