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Below are some of the significant dates in relation to graduation. More dates can be found at the Registrar’s link as follows:

2/9/18 – Let Jen Clougherty know the date/time/title of your PhD dissertation defense as well as committee members; Jen will schedule a room for you.

2/23/18 – Application for Graduate College Degree: Degree applications for all students are available on MyUI/Degree Application.

2/23/18 – Proof of IRB Compliance to me – if you have not done so already

3/22/18 – First deposit of dissertation (PhD students only)

4/5-4/6/18 – DNP poster defense dates

4/23/18 – Last day a PhD defense can be held

5/1/18 – Final deposit of dissertation (PhD students only)

5/2/18 - CNL Capstone Defense

5/11/18 – Graduate College Commencement (see information regarding registering and apparel rental/purchase at

Jennifer Clougherty
Program Associate, Graduate Programs