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Honors in Nursing - Application

In order to graduate from the University of Iowa College of Nursing with honors in the major, a student must apply and be selected to participate. Honors in the nursing major requires two sequential semesters of engagement. The one semester hour (SH) credit honors seminar must be taken first. The seminar is designed to prepare the student to develop and implement a scholarly project in the following semester. The application is due the semester prior to intent to enroll in the honors seminar. Due dates are Dec 1 and May 1 each academic year. Late applications will not be considered. Eligibility will be contingent upon students’ maintenance of the required GPA.

Please complete this application form and submit with a copy of your unofficial transcript. Submit these materials to Honors applications will be reviewed and participants selected by the College of Nursing Honors Program Advisor.

Part 1: Background Information


Semester in which you began courses in the nursing major:

Uiowa Email:

University of Iowa Cumulative GPA:

(Note: The UI requires a minimum university cumulative GPA of 3.5 for admission to and 3.5 for graduation with honors.)

Nursing Cumulative GPA:

(Note: The College of Nursing requires a minimum Nursing GPA of 3.5 for admission to and 3.5 for graduation with honors.)


Part 2: Personal Statement
What are your personal goals for participating in the BSN Honor Program? What would you like to gain from the experience? What makes you a desirable candidate for honors work? (maximum 1 page, 12-point font, single spaced).


Part 3: Area(s) of Scholarly Interest

Honors in nursing may be earned by doing scholarly work by:

  • Engaging in research
  • Engaging in a quality improvement project in clinical practice
  • Developing meaningful contributions to the formal education of other nursing students
  • Developing a meaningful service contribution

Honors projects typically require a minimum of 90 hours of time commitment and are awarded 3 SH of academic credit.

Honors projects require a faculty mentor to sponsor the student work. Students are required to confer with the faculty mentor a minimum of once per month during the semester of the honors project. Conferring may take place in person, online or via other communications technologies. Students are responsible to schedule conferences with the faculty mentor. 

3A: Area of scholarship

  1. Describe your area of  interest (clinical population, nursing role, educational or service project)
  2.  Describe the type of scholarly work (from the list above) in which you would like to propose an honors project. If you have a specific project in mind, please briefly describe. (maximum100 words)

3B: Faculty

A good mentor for honors work is a faculty member who has expertise in the area of the student’s interest, time to invest in working with the student and either a terminal degree (PhD, DNP or JD) or a collaborative working relationship with a faculty member who has such an earned credential. The time commitment for faculty is typically an average of an hour a week during the project semester.

  1. Identify at least one faculty member who has agreed to sponsor your work


Faculty signature: