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Honors in Nursing - Program Information


University Honors is a program offered for academically talented freshmen, sophomores and students transferring from other four year institutions. Eligibility for entering first year students is a high school GPA of 3.8 or higher and an ACT composite of 30 or higher. Second year or transfer student eligibility is a college GPA of 3.5. For more information about University Honors, click on:

Undergraduates with a nursing major (pre-licensure BSN students or RN to BSN students) may be considered for Honors in Nursing whether or not the student is participating in University Honors.

The UI College of Nursing Honors Program offers a competitive and selective mentorship opportunity for high academic achievement undergraduate nursing students who want to expand their knowledge in a specific area beyond what is offered in the required curriculum. Students who are selected for the Nursing Honors Program are typically preparing for graduate study; the level of scholarly endeavor expected is designed to prepare students for graduate work. .

To be eligible to apply, students must be enrolled in the nursing major coursework and must be junior or senior undergraduate students. Students must have two or more sequential semesters remaining in their program of study. The grade point requirements are a UI cumulative GPA of 3.5 and a Nursing GPA of 3.5. To graduate with honors in nursing, the student must maintain a minimum 3.5 nursing and a 3.5 UI cumulative GPA through the final semester. Nursing student participants are selected based upon their academic record, faculty mentor match and the quality of the student goal and project statements in the application.  

What will be expected of me as a student in Honors in Nursing?

  • Honors in Nursing is a two(2) sequential semester commitment. In the first semester of participation, students will complete a 1 semester hour online seminar designed to plan and develop the honors independent study and related scholarly product.
  • The second semester of participation, students will enroll in 3 semester hours of honors independent study (HIS). The student will carry out a project that will result in a scholarly product. Students should anticipate a minimum investment of 90 hours (avg. of 6 hours per week) to accomplish this project.
  • Negotiate the form of the scholarly product with the faculty mentor. Typical forms include a research paper, professional poster, patient or staff educational piece, development of a policy, procedure or application or other evidence-based professional product.
  • Meet regularly with faculty mentor for guidance on the project.
  • Develop an abstract of the project for the College of Nursing Honors Repository.
  • Attend events that promote the  Honors in Nursing Program. Meet with alumni donors as needed.

What benefits will I receive?

  • Work with a faculty mentor and expert clinician(s) who best facilitate your career development. Receive a minimum of four(4) semester hours of Honors credit on the official transcript
  • Develop enhanced skills in the rigorous application of evidence related to a topic of interest
  • Receive recognition at graduation as having earned Honors in Nursing

Who will be my mentor?
You will solicit a mentor who matches your area of interest. If you aren’t sure of faculty who are potential mentors, the Honors Advisor is available to help guide you regarding faculty who might be good mentor matches.

I think I want to apply but before doing so, I have questions. Who can I talk with?
The Honors Advisor invites students to explore the program and is available for either individual or group appointments. The Honors Advisor can share examples of honors projects that have been completed, discuss ways that clinical/career interests may be developed into honors work and guide students interested in research to active research faculty members in the student’s area of interest. To schedule an appointment with the Honors Advisor, email Dr. Cram (

The application consists of the following items:

  • Enrollment in a minimum of one semester of nursing courses in the College of Nursing
  • A minimum of two sequential semesters of the nursing major remaining in the program of study
  • Cumulative UI GPA of 3.5 or higher; nursing GPA of 3.5 or higher, good academic standing.  Grades from the semester of application will be included in the application review. For example, spring grades will be used to determine the grade point averages for a student applying in May for a fall start in honors
  • Goal statement (no longer than 1 page, 12 point font, single spaced) describing your interest in  why you would like to participate Honors in Nursing, the type of honors experience you are seeking and your potential faculty mentor.
  • Application
  • Transcript Release Form (PDF)

December 1 for spring enrollment
May 1 for fall enrollment

Send your completed application materials to: