Tessa Meisner, DNP, RN

Instructional Track Lecturer

Dr. Meisner is a graduate of the University of Iowa College of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice Pediatric Primary Care Program. During her tenure in the program, Dr. Meisner received additional education in caring for individuals with disabilities while training with the UIHC Center for Disabilities and Development Iowa Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities program. Additionally, in collaboration with Dr. Lane Strathearn and the UI Attachment and Neurodevelopment Lab, she helped introduce the novel smartphone app BabySteps—which is currently being used to investigate early risk factors for autism—and researched the maternal experience when caring for a child with autism for her capstone project.

Dr. Meisner has worked in neonatal intensive care, pediatric neurology, and outpatient pediatrics.

    Research areas
    • Autism spectrum disorders in children
    • Neurodevelopmental pediatrics
    • Pediatric primary care
    • Pediatric mental health
    Tessa Meisner
    DNP, University of Iowa
    BSN, St. Olaf College