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Faculty Subject Matter Experts



Huntington disease

Infection control

Integrative health

Interprofessional education

LGBTQ health care

Maternal depression (maternal/newborn interaction)

Maternal prenatal screening

Neuroscience nursing

Nicole Gleason
Ruth Grossmann (Multiple sclerosis – nutrition, metabolomics, epigenetics, microbiome, and clinical outcomes)
Susan Van Cleve (ADHD child/adolescent assessment & treatment)
Janet Williams (Huntington disease)

Nurse health and burnout prevention

Nursing student transition into practice

Nutrition interventions

Occupational health and safety

Pediatric nursing

Leslie Arends (oncology)
Sandra Daack-Hirsch (congenital and inherited conditions)
Mary Dirks
Jan Foote (growth disorders)
Kirsten Hanrahan
Vanessa Kimm
Ann Marie McCarthy (pain management & psychology)
Pamela Mulder (obesity)
Ann Rhodes
Susan Van Cleve (integration of mental health into primary care)
Judy Verger
Janet Williams

Perioperative nursing


Sexual and reproductive health

Simulation in nursing education

Spirituality and nursing practice

Standardized nursing terminology development