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Csomay Center Mission

The University of Iowa College of Nursing Csomay Center for Gerontological Excellence believes that nurses who are prepared in the best evidence-based gerontological practices make a critical difference in the quality of life of older persons.

The principal aim of the Center is:

  • Generate and disseminate gerontological nursing knowledge to improve the lives of older persons.
  • Train nurse scientists to ensure that evidence-based "best gerontological practices" are produced and disseminated:
    • in educational programs that prepare gerontological nurse clinicians
    • to practicing clinicians and clinical agencies
    • to policy-makers who control resources where nurses practice and older persons live
    • to the lay public to enhance self-care and caregiving skills

The mission emphasizes partnering with other schools of nursing and health care settings that employ "best practices" to share the excitement and challenge of geriatric nursing and to increase the number of geriatric/gerontologic nurse scientists, educators and clinicians.

Elderly Couple

The Center will:

  • Strengthen pre- and post-doctoral research training to further develop innovative and explemary geriatric nursing practice and education models
  • Extend the Geronotological Nursing Interventions Research Center's Regional Gero Research Consortium to additional universities
  • Strengthen long-term care administrators and agencies in the use of evidence-based best geriatric nursing practices.

Other specific examples of Center initiatives:

  • Increase funding of pilot studies and mentoring to boost faculty programs of geriatric/gerontological nursing research; implement "Geriatric Young Scientist" and "Geriatric Young Clinician" programs
  • Expand undergraduate and graduate gerontologic nursing course and program options
  • Increase use of model geriatric best practice sites for student practical augment and strengthen geriatric nursing and interdisciplinary practice and leadership in long term care
  • Develop partnerships with local, state, and national geriatric clinicians, educators, researchers and policy makers to enhance the care and lives of older adults