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CON-Sponsored Grant Awarded at ISONG Conference

A research grant provided by the University Iowa College of Nursing was recently awarded at the 2014 International Society of Nurses in Genetics (ISONG) World Congress on Nursing and Genomics.

The grant was bestowed to Patricia Hershberger and Martha Driessnack (co-PI) for their research grant proposal titled: “Disclosing Genetic Origins to Donor-Egg Conceived Children: Engaging Parents, Children and their Egg Donors.”

“On behalf of the ISONG board of directors, I want to thank you for your commitment to sponsor a research grant. It was the vision of the conference committee to educate, inform and provide a networking forum for our attendees, and the support from the University of Iowa College of Nursing helped make this vision a reality,” noted Beth Kassalen, executive director of ISONG.

The grant was awarded to Hershberger and Driessnack during the society’s annual congress, which was held last month in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“As we continue to grow and plan for the future, a partnership with the University of Iowa College of Nursing is vital to the success of this association,” added Kassalen.

The college’s contribution to this grant program will help ISONG pursue its mission of fostering scientific research. 

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The International Society of Nurses in Genetics, ISONG, is a global nursing specialty organization dedicated to genomic health care, education, research, and scholarship. More information can be found at

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Dec 5th, 2014