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Bohr Awarded Prestigious Grant from Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare

Nicole Bohr

Nicole Bohr, a Ph.D. student at UI’s College of Nursing, was recently awarded a grant from the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare. This Jonas Center grant provides vital funding to doctoral nursing students, and is part of a national initiative to address the nursing faculty shortage and prepare future nurses as America’s health care system continues to evolve.

“I am so honored to receive this grant, and I hope to make the university very proud,” said Bohr. “As a future researcher, I know this experience will be hugely beneficial. This will open up opportunities for me that I never dreamed of, and allow me to present my ideas to a group of equally-minded professionals.”

Every two years, the Jonas Center awards grants to universities around the country; those academic institutions then determine which student will receive a scholarship. As a Jonas Scholar, Bohr joins nearly 600 future nurse educators and leaders at 110 schools supported by Jonas Center programs, the Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholars Program and Jonas Veterans Healthcare Program (JVHP). These scholarships support nurses pursuing Ph.D.s and DNPs, the terminal degrees in the field.

“The university could not have selected a better student for the Jonas Nurse Scholar Program,” said Andrea Wallace, Ph.D., RN, assistant professor and Bohr’s advisor at UI’s College of Nursing. “Nicole is incredibly bright, hardworking, conscientious and, above all, eager to contribute to the science of nursing and health care. Nicole’s enthusiasm for learning is contagious, and is sure to serve both her students and our profession very well.”

The Jonas Center, the leading philanthropic funder for nursing, is addressing a critical need, evidenced by troubling data from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) showing that 2013 saw the lowest enrollment increase in professional RN programs in the past five years. This is due primarily to a shortage in qualified faculty.

“The call for more nurses—and thus the faculty to prepare them—is massive. Health care in America has never been more complex, yet tens of thousands of would-be nurses are turned away from the profession each year,” said Donald Jonas, co-founder of the Jonas Center. “We’ve stepped up the pace and expanded our programs to meet this need.”

“The focus placed on nursing leadership development by the Jonas Center will allow me to grow both as a nurse and as a person—and I hope to help lead my profession into the future,” added Bohr.

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The Jonas Center is philanthropically dedicated to building the effectiveness of America’s professional nurses in three key ways: Developing outstanding faculty; advancing scholarship; and, sparking innovative practice. For more information, visit

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Feb 11th, 2014