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College of Nursing Sees 10-Point Improvement on Working at Iowa Results

Thad Wilson

By Cristóbal McKinney | Iowa Now | 3/14/2017 

The college’s action plan focused on improving understanding, communication

Many colleges and departments at the University of Iowa are making a concerted effort to improve their work environments based on results from the Working at Iowa survey, a biennial questionnaire to all staff and faculty.

University Human Resources, which conducts the survey and disseminates results, encourages those campus units to share the results with their staff and faculty, discuss possible areas of improvement, and build action plans.

The UI College of Nursing has recently seen statistical evidence that shows their efforts toward improving their work environment are paying off. In 2012, the college’s agreement with question 13 of the Working at Iowa survey was 78 percent, seven points below the university’s overall agreement of 85 percent. The question asks faculty and staff how much they agree with the statement “Individuals in my unit are civil and respectful to each other.”

The results of the 2016 survey showed that figure rise by 10 points to 88 percent agreement, one percent higher than the university’s overall agreement.

Thad Wilson, interim dean of the College of Nursing, attributes the improvement to several retreats and professional development sessions that began in 2014 and focused on better understanding and communication between colleagues.

 “I think a work environment that is successful is one where people are respectful of each other and believe that they can speak their mind in a very civil manner without any retribution,” says Wilson.

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Mar 21st, 2017