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New App Aims to Reduce Pediatric Patient Distress

Distraction in Action


Iowa Now: Distraction in action

UI researchers develop app to distract children during painful medical procedures

By Sara Diedrich | Iowa Now | 8/9/2016  

Sometimes painful medical procedures are necessary for children, but that doesn't make them any less traumatizing for the patients or their parents.

Researchers at University of Iowa Children's Hospital and the UI College of Nursing have devised a way to help: an application that can be accessed from parents' smart phones, tablets, or computers and used to distract children during procedures such as blood draws and immunizations.  

But the UI's Distraction in Action app for children’s pain is more than just a computer game.

The app leads parents and children through a series of questions designed to predict a child's risk for distress and prepares parents to effectively distract their child. Ultimately, the app customizes a distraction plan that recommends games and offers parents tips about how to help their child through the medical procedure.

The result is young patients who are less distressed and parents who are more involved.

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Aug 10th, 2016