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Research Excellence

CON faculty members have a long history of obtaining significant external funding to support the college’s Areas of Excellence in research, teaching, and practice:

  • The College of Nursing is a national leader in Gerontological Nursing Research and practice initiatives.
  • In alignment with national priorities and a national need to improve pain education, a second area of research excellence at the College of Nursing is in Pain, Palliative Care and Symptom Management.
  • Faculty in Health Systems Improvement promote and conduct research on initiatives and strategies to improve the people, institutions and resources whose primary purpose is to promote, restore and maintain the health of the population they serve. The College of Nursing Health Systems, Nursing Administration and Leadership DNP program is ranked #2 in the nation.


To promote development of Emerging Areas of Emphasis at the CON, funding in FY 2014 and 2015 also included a large number of internal grants, including the inaugural cohort of 10 faculty receiving Dean’s Research Awards from the College of Nursing in 2015. These externally peer-reviewed 2-year awards averaged $75,000 per project, a collegiate investment intended to position junior faculty to apply for significant external funding in the future in emerging fundable areas of science such as biomarker and genetic correlates of cancer symptoms, promotion of patient safety through simulation, and technological innovations to support symptom management and to prevent opioid misuse.

  • Management of Chronic Conditions 
  • Health Promotion in At-Risk Populations

CON faculty are developing expertise in several cross-cutting approaches:

  • Applied Genomics/Omics/Biomarkers 
  • Health Information Technology 
  • Community Engagement