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ONR Tool Box - Figure Gallery


Below are a sampling of figures developed by the ONR and Nursing faculty. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge each image. For assistance with graphs, contact Maria Hein (maria-hein@uiowa.edu). Maria Hein or Nancy Goldsmith (nancy-goldsmith@uiowa.edu) can also assist with creating diagrams and flowcharts in Visio.

Thumbnail View Description of figure
Conceptual Model

1. Conceptual model


2. Organizational chart

Respondent characteristics

3. Flow Diagram for progression of subjects through a Randomized Clinical Trial (to download a template, go to http://www.consort-statement.org/consort-statement/flow-diagram0/)

Multi-step description

4. Diagram outlining assignment of participants to treatment groups.

Descriptive Statistics for Demographic Variable

5. Graphic illustration of a theoretical framework (developed by Ryoko Furukawa for Lioness Ayres).

Demographics x Grouping Variable

6. Excel column graph with error bars representing SE of the mean.

Descriptives for outcome measures

7. Excel column graph with error bars representing the 95% confidence interval.

Descriptives for outcome measures #2

8. Excel bar chart

Scores or ratings by questionnaire item and subgroup

9. Delta Graph – Dot Plot

Survey Responses

10. Delta Graph – Column graph with error bars representing SE of the mean.