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October 2016


I wanted to update our alumni on some sad news on the passing of two of our most respected colleagues earlier this fall. Both colleagues graced the halls of the College of Nursing for more than 40 years, and each and will be sorely missed. Dean Rita Frantz died September 7, 2016, after a courageous battle with cancer. Dean Frantz was a member of the College of Nursing community for more than 44 years. She was nationally recognized and a passionate leader in the profession of nursing and the broader health care community. Academically, she set a very high standard for herself and her colleagues, emphasizing collaboration and partnership in pursuit of excellence.

Associate Professor Joanne Eland died September 25, 2016, also after a fierce battle with cancer. Jo was a faculty member in UI’s College of Nursing for 41 years. Jo mentored humility, empathy and ceaseless compassion. As a philanthropist, everybody knows of her unlimited and unwavering generosity. As a teacher, Jo embodied and inspired student nurses to be their very best. Her knowledge and passion for children’s pain management were legendary and globally known.

Even though Rita and Jo are no longer with us, their impact on the faculty, staff, students, and community will be felt for a very long time. As the College of Nursing faculty and staff transition to the future without these two amazing colleagues, I want to convey that we are moving forward out of respect for the lifelong commitment both of these individuals had for the college. It would be disrespectful if we did not do so!

As we transition, Provost Barry Butler has named Dr. Thad Wilson as interim dean for the College of Nursing. As a tribute to Dean Frantz and Associate Professor Eland, the college remains committed to its pursuit of excellence in nursing education, practice, and research.

My very best to all of you!

Liz Swanson (B.S.N. '69, M.A. '75, Ph.D. '85)  
Associate Professor and Director, External Relations

Rita Frantz

A Time to Reflect: Remembering Dean Rita Frantz

Shortly before passing away on Wednesday, September 7, 2016, Rita Frantz had stepped down as dean and retired as a professor—marking the conclusion of a long and distinguished career in nursing. For anyone who ever met her, it did not take long to recognize how Frantz's innate passion for the profession translated into remarkable, visionary leadership for the college.

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Edward Thompson

Former Faculty, Anesthesia Director Receives Outstanding Educator Award

The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists recently bestowed former College of Nursing Anesthesia Director and Professor Emeritus Edward Thompson with the Helen Lamb Outstanding Educator Award.

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Amany Farag

Research to Examine Nurse Fatigue

During a two-year, multisite study, Dr. Amany Farag and her research team are expecting to learn more about personal and work-related factors placing nurses at high risk for fatigue; fatigue pattern over time, including variation of fatigue within and between nurses during work and non-work days; and, measures used by nurses to manage their work related fatigue.

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Mary Anderson

Renowned Alumna Bestowed with Prestigious Award

The University of Iowa Alumni Association recently announced the 2016 recipients of its Distinguished Alumni Awards—the Association’s highest honor. One graduate from the College of Nursing—Mary Anderson—was among this select few.

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Cody Gremore

Hometown Hawkeye: Cody Gremore

Lieutenant Cody Gremore advises future nursing students that it's never too early to start planning for your career. “Try to figure out what you can do while you’re an undergraduate student to give yourself the best chance of success after you graduate,” he says. “Accomplishing a few objectives, big or small, while you’re a student can pay off largely later on in life.”

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In Memoriam

Death notices for UI College of Nursing alumni. Links to online obituaries provided when available.

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