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An Advocate for Iowa’s Aging Population

With a passion for gerontological nursing, registered nurse Darcy Eibs knew she might someday want to further her education. The key, however, was finding a program that would not only allow her to remain in Laurel, Iowa, but also be flexible enough to accommodate her hectic schedule as a full-time nurse. Enter the University of Iowa’s RN-BSN program, which provides access to baccalaureate education for nurses throughout the state. 

DI: Online Residency Program Receives Funding to Expand

University of Iowa College of Nursing will use funding from the Iowa Workforce Development to expand on its online nurse residency program and create a registered nurse apprenticeship program.

By Kelsey Harrell | The Daily Iowan | 4/16/2019

When newly graduated nurses begin working at health-care organizations, they may need extra support transitioning into their careers.