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We asked Holly Perli from Regional Health about her facility's experience with the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program

Regional Health Rapid City Hospital- Rapid City, SD

Tell us a little bit about your facility
Regional Health is an integrated health care system serving Western South Dakota with the purpose of helping patients and communities thrive. The organization, with headquarters in Rapid City, SD, provides community-based health care in more than 20 communities in two states and 32 specialty areas of medicine. As the largest private employer in the area, Regional Health comprises five hospitals, 24 clinic locations, and employs nearly 5,000 physicians and caregivers. As 'Onboarding Nurse Educator' for the health system, I serve as site coordinator for the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program (IONRP).

How have you integrated the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program into your facility’s process for transitioning new graduate nurses to practice?
We began integrating the IONRP in March 2017 as an organization-wide initiative to promote growth, development, and retention of our new graduate registered nurses. Our first meeting takes place in a computer lab to: ensure appropriate enrollment and registration; watch the intro video together; explain the organization’s expectations and the program itself; allow for work-time on the first Casey-Fink survey and two modules. From then on, email communication to nurse residents and department leadership is standardized at regular intervals for reminders about scheduling, surveys to complete, expectations, and follow-up/rounding on the floors.

What has been the best part of initiating the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program at your organization?
The best part has been to see the growth in confidence of those who have successfully completed the program. They have truly progressed faster than their peers, and have become more competent and confident in practicing both the art and science of nursing. From a personal development perspective, it has been quite rewarding to start this program from the ground up - from investigating our nurse residency options, going through the selection process, planning, and implementation.

How have you seen your nurse residents’ performance improve since beginning the program?
The networking between floors and departments has been reassuring. The nurse residents encounter some of the same highs and lows no matter where they work. Without having to prompt them, it is great to see them help to solve each other’s problems. As mentioned before, they are becoming professional nurses quicker and I think they surprise themselves at their accomplishments by project time. Our #1 objective aligned with the IONRP was to move the RN from novice to competent faster, while maintaining safety and quality care. We are seeing that out of those who finish.

Anything else you’d like to mention?
We are, in all, very happy with our decision to partner with the IONRP. It has proven to be a worthwhile endeavor. Nicole and Karla are responsive to ongoing needs, feedback, and collaboration. Thank you for your support and expertise!

Holly Perli, BSN, RN, BSEd
Onboarding Nurse Educator
Regional Health Rapid City Hospital- Rapid City, SD

Posted On: 
Aug 11th, 2018