The overall mission of CAMS is to enhance interdisciplinary, biobehavioral research focused on complex multiple chronic conditions in human adult populations.

Our purpose is to provide the infrastructure and resources to new nurse-investigators and their collaborators in order to foster research that integrates the two subfields of multimorbidity science and symptom science as well as characterizes symptom expression, risk susceptibility and treatment responder profiles using advanced analytic techniques.

This research will allow clinicians and scientists to identify subgroups of persons who are more likely to develop specific conditions/symptoms as well as those who may respond optimally to targeted therapies.

Funded by the National Institute for Nursing Research (P20NR018081), CAMS is building research infrastructure and centralized resources to catalyze new interdisciplinary, biobehavioral research teams to tackle the challenges of conducting research on human adults with multiple complex chronic conditions. Given that patients often present at clinic visits with not just one but multiple chronic conditions, addressing multimorbidity in healthcare has emerged as a national priority.

CAMS proposes to use a multifactorial approach to nursing research by creating an Integrative Analytics Core that will link nurse scientists with experts using advanced, computationally intensive analytic methods that can detect patterns and identify patient profiles from the unique constellation of symptoms and conditions represented by each patient. CAMS will focus on providing infrastructure and resources to new investigators concentrating on two emerging fields of study: Multimorbidity Science and Symptom Science. Through this work, clinicians and scientists will ultimately be able to identify persons most likely to develop specific conditions and symptoms, and respond with customized therapies.

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