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Alumni Updates

  • Trudy Laffoon, BSN ′85, MA ′94

    On October 11, 2018, Trudy Laffoon wrote:

    Several CON alumni received an award last week at the 42nd Annual Congress & Nursing Symposium of the Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nurses.

    Trudy Laffoon (BSN ′85, MA ′94, and current DNP student), Michele Farrington (BSN ′99), Cindy Dawson (BSN ′75), and Carmen Kealey (BSN ′81 and MA ′91) received the Society’s 2018 Literary Award for their article titled “Pain Management Interventions for Needle Stick Procedures: An Ambulatory EBP Project”.

  • Moya Peterson, MA ′81

    On January 27, 2018, Moya Peterson wrote:

    As an alumni, I wanted the school to know about the award that I have received for my work as an FNP and in establishing an adults with Down syndrome clinic. I am working at University of Kansas, where I have received my PhD as well. I also work in the Dept of Family Medicine. I really am proud of the work that I have been able to do with adults with DS. My thesis at Iowa was a case study on a little girl with DS, so my love for this population has never diminished. 

  • Ju Young Shin, PhD ′07

    On January 23, 2018, Ju Young wrote:

    ​Ju Young Shin, PhD, APRN, ANP-C, is an Associate Professor at the University of Delaware School of Nursing. She earned a PhD in nursing from the University of Iowa College of Nursing with a focus on Adult and Gerontological Nursing in 2007. Her current research interests are symptom management of Parkinson’s disease, including medication adherence and chronic disease management in later life, for which she has received both extramural and internal funding. She is a co-investigator on a NIH funded grant, “Reducing Health Disparities in Seriously Mentally Ill, Rural and Minority Populations.” She has also practiced as a certified adult nurse practitioner since 2012. ​

  • Bernice Weede Havlicek, GN ′40

    On December 12, 2017, Jane Roth wrote:

    My mother, Bunny Havlicek, and I share a home in Lake View. The key words in this introduction are "share a home" vs. what others may call "living together." We share in the ownership, the financial maintenance and the joy of being together as mother and daughter. This is especially remarkable, as my mother will have celebrated a 100th birthday in November. As this is written, we continue to share a passion for books, our faith, and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

    Our journey in sharing a home started in the mid-1990s. My parents moved to the area from the Chicago suburbs to be near me, their only child, as I balanced next steps post-divorce. I had spent many years working in the House and Senate on Capitol Hill before transitioning to the private sector, where 1 am Director of Global Real Estate for Ellucian in Reston. My parents and I jointly decided it made more sense to be together than to purchase two separate homes and bought a home in Leesburg's Woodlea Manor community. After we settled in, mother and I met a new challenge; my father, Frank Havlicek, started a slow and painful decline with Alzheimer’s. We cared for him at home for many years until his death in 2003. Let me be quick to state that I had the easier role; I went to work each day. Mother was there all day every day to support my father.

    After dad's passing, we took the time to enjoy each other and also knew it was time to leave a large home and to have a master bedroom on the first floor. We found the perfect home on Harbour Town Terrace and Bunny Havlicek and Jane Roth moved in the spring of 2008. It was and continues to be a very positive move for us. Mother maneuvers the first floor and loves taking in the sun on the patio, and I have taken over the upstairs. It works well for us as we respect each other’s separate space, but so love being together.

    If your interest is piqued on the Iowa Hawkeyes, my mother is class of 1940, College of Nursing. She and my father, Frank Havlicek, also an Iowa grad, met in Iowa City at a party. They were the only singles invited. My mother can share a powerful story of working on the wards on December 7, 1941, when Pearl Harbor was bombed, and the impact was felt even in Iowa. The University of Iowa remains a strong foundation for our family. Our philanthropic focus is the Havlicek scholarship at the College of Nursing helping those like my mother achieve their dream of becoming a nurse.

    Love, kindness, a sense of humor and—most important—listening to each other we believe are the cornerstones of sharing a home. In closing, it is a joy to share this comment from my mother, "I think it is wonderful Jane and I can enjoy each other; how blessed I am to be with my daughter at this milestone chapter of my life."

  • Patricia McDonough Dunn, GN ′55

    On December 11, 2017, Patricia McDonough Dunn wrote: 

    I was the last graduate of the School of Nursing prior to the establishment of the Baccalaureate program. I donated my uniform and books to the Medical Museum in University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

    During my career, I worked in an office, a hospital, as a mental health advocate, first responder and in long-term care and hospice.

    Sincerely, a Hawkeye forever! 

  • Ann Squire, BSN ′87, DNP Anesthesia ′97

    On December 5, 2017, Ann Squire wrote:

    My name is Ann Ryden Squire. I graduated with a BSN in December of 1987. I then worked in various capacities as a staff nurse over the next six years before applying and being accepted into the first CRNA class at the University of Iowa. There were just five of us who completed the 2-1/2-year curriculum and we graduated in the spring of 1997. The other students/graduates were Valarie McKinley, Tara Salrin Glasgow, Jenny Crownhart and Shannon Pecka. It’s hard to believe we are celebrating 20 years as CRNAs this year!

    I currently am employed by Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City and work at Menorah Medical Center as well as the Mid America Surgery Institute In Overland Park, KS. I have fond memories of graduate school at the University of Iowa. The knowledge and experience I gained both in the College of Nursing and through the Department of Anesthesia has been paramount to my success as a CRNA over the past 20 years. I would like to thank the many “founders” of this program. It has been a career I have enjoyed for 20 years and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to be a part of the excellent program at the University of Iowa. 

    You are all well-known and respected as one of the top CRNA programs in the Midwest. 

    Thank you!

  • Sharon Taylor, BSN ′67

    On November 26, 2017, Sharon Taylor wrote:

    I celebrated 50 years as a nurse last June. They (Burgess Health Center, a critical access hospital in Onawa, Iowa) surprised me with Burgess Guardian Angel Award!

  • Patricia Mortensen, BSN ′57

    On October 25, 2017, Patricia Mortensen wrote:

    The newsletter that I recently received was very interesting. I graduated with the class of  1957. Most of the time since graduation, however, I was an "at home mother." I did work on an OB ward in Southern and Northern California for a few years until our second child was born. After that I did volunteer work, helping with BP clinics, and helping with different projects at our children's schools and church. So I have been busy with things other than nursing. Both my husband and I are in our 80s and still very active in our church and doing volunteer work.

    I have two children: a girl and a boy, both in their 50s and both graduated from Sacramento State University, and three grand children (two girls and one boy). Our one granddaughter recently got her Masters in Business and our grandson graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Mathematics. Our other granddaughter works in the medical field as a tech for an Opthamalogist, so all are gainfully employed, which I am very happy for.

    I did keep my license current for a number of years as an insurance policy in case I had to go back to work. Fortunately, that never came to pass and I let my license lapse as I was so far out of date and thought no one would hire me. My husband and I have been retired for 22 years and now full time residents in Arizona, along with many other Iowans.

  • Mary Crabtree Tonges, BSN ′73

    On May 13, 2017, Mary Crabtree Tonges wrote:

    Mary Crabtree Tonges, BSN '73, retiring Chief Nursing Officer of the University of North Carolina Hospitals, has been honored by the creation of the Dr. Mary C. Tonges Research Fellowship Award in Nursing Leadership to support research by hospital nurse leaders.

  • Carol Huston, BSN ′77

    On March 13, 2017, Carol Huston wrote:

    Carol Jorgensen Huston, MSN, DPA, FAAN (BSN, 1977) was elected 2016-2017 Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Enloe Medical Center.  The Medical Center is a 298-bed non-profit hospital located in Chico, CA. It is one of two Level II trauma centers north of Sacramento and houses the region’s only Level II neonatal intensive care unit. She has been a trustee on the Medical Center Board since 2012.

    Dr. Huston is also currently serving as the lead faculty for the STTI Experienced Nurse Faculty Leadership Academy (2014-present) and as the Facilitator/Coordinator for the new STTI Global Healthcare Leadership Institutes, which launched in Washington DC in September 2016.