The IONRP is a pioneer in innovation of online nurse residency programs.


The Nurse Residency Task Force in the Iowa Action Coalition has developed a competency-based curriculum for a nurse residency program that can be completed using online tools. We've partnered with the Institute for Public Health Practice at the University of Iowa to develop interactive online modules to deliver didactic content to nurse residents. Based on best practices and the latest research, the nurse residency program’s curriculum addresses competencies that are weak or lacking in new nurse graduates. Developed with rural organizations in mind the IONRP is the first and only online program with 8 years of proven results. Please click here for the JONA article.

Evidence has shown there are three vitally important components to successful nurse residency programs: (1) delivery of didactic content, (2) discussion groups, and (3) a quality improvement or professional experience. To ease the delivery of the didactic content, the Task Force developed online courses that present the didactic content through case studies, video scenarios and interactive activities.