CAMS supports new investigators in biobehavioral investigations of multimorbidity among adult populations through training in advanced analytic methods, Multimorbidity and Symptom Science breakthroughs, grantsmanship (including grants management), and building skills in dissemination. Funded pilot projects have interdisciplinary research team collaborators/mentors who provide considerable regulatory oversight and monitoring.

Pilot Project Selection Process

At least one pilot project will be selected each year: The Principal Investigator of all projects eligible for selection must be a nurse and hold a PhD. In addition, the proposal should:

  • Focus on multiple chronic conditions (MCC) in adults
  • Have a sound conceptual model
  • Integrate NINR CDEs into the conceptual model and aims
  • Have the potential to be refined with inclusion of advanced analytical techniques
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration



Keela Herr

Keela Herr, PhD, RN, FAAN, AGSF

Kelting Professor and Director of the Pilot Administrative Core





Currently supported pilot projects

Catherine Cherwin

"Gastrointestinal Microbiome, Obesity, and Chemotherapy: Influences on Symptom Burden in Women with Breast Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy"

Investigator: Catherine Cherwin, PhD, RN, assistant professor





Stephanie White

"Evaluating Symptom Variability in Multimorbidity and Advanced Cancer"

Investigator: Stephanie Gilbertson-White, PhD, APRN-BC, assistant professor






Julie Vignato

"The Effects of Immunovascular Biomechanisms of Arginine Vasopression (AVP) Hypersecretion in Preeclampsia (PreE) Prediction"

Investigator: Julie Vignato, PhD, RN, RNC-LRN, assistant professor 





Anna Krupp

“Functional Decline and Symptom Experience Among Patients with Sepsis”

InvestigatorAnna Krupp, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor






Nai-Ching (Allison) Chi

“Multimorbidity in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and Association with Pain and Health Care Utilization: A Big Data Approach”

InvestigatorNai-Ching (Allison) Chi, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor





Chooza Moon

“Predictive MCC Combinations on Alzheimer’s Pathology and Symptoms”

Investigator: Chooza Moon, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor






Sena Chae

“Advancing symptom science using hidden symptoms and chronic conditions in patients with acute myeloid leukemia”

Investigator: Sena Chae, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor