Supporting Nurses: Training for Preceptors, Mentors and Clinical Coaches

Our comprehensive curriculum uses microlearning techniques including online learning modules, videos, readings, self-assessments and discussion boards bringing learning champions together as they apply the concepts of preceptorship. Whether you use our curriculum as the foundation for your existing program or as a new effort in supporting the role of your preceptors, mentors, or coaches, you will find it is a cost-effective method that meets the needs of the modern learner. The complete package is available for organizations and individual nurses and can be used for those new to the role or as a refresher for the experienced learning champion. Contact us to get started:

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Compressive Curriculum

Our curriculum covers essential components of a learning champion role in 6 modules. Including: roles & responsibilities, self-management, relationships with learners, adult learners, evaluation/feedback, and practical teaching strategies.



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Multi-Role Functions

This training provides the basic foundations for preceptor, mentors, and coaches working with nursing students, new graduates, and experienced nurses.



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Participant-Centered Microlearning

Participants proceed through the course at their own pace completing a variety of learning activities, reflecting on their past experiences, and making plans for improving in the future.



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Continuing Education Credits

5 hours of continuing education will be awarded for successful completion by the University of Iowa College of Nursing.





Great feedback from our pilot program...

What do you like best about the program?

"The guidance that I have not received anywhere else in how to be an effective preceptor. That I can go at my own pace."

 "The different modules and formats of learning - videos, articles, self-assessments. It helped me to gain information in different ways and relate better."

 "Making me be more aware of how the student learns so I can adapt how I teach them."

 "Helped me to find areas to focus on with new nurse learners, that everyone learns differently, ways to better engage with the learners so they get the best experience possible.”

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