Academics - RN-BSN

As part of the college’s effort to prepare the next generation of nursing leaders, UI’s online RN-BSN program provides access to baccalaureate education for nurses throughout the state. Nurses who graduate from this program acquire vital knowledge and skills that help enhance their ability to provide quality care to diverse patient populations that have increasingly complex health care needs.


Tuition total for the RN-BSN program is $14,528

Request a Transcript Evaluation

  1. Send an email to the RN-BSN Office ( with the following information:
    1. Name (including maiden name if applicable)
    2. Mailing Address
    3. What month/year did you (or do you plan to) receive your nursing degree from the community college
    4. What year did you graduate high school
    5. Did you take a foreign language in high school
    6. If yes, what language and how many years (i.e. Spanish II, French III)
    7. List all colleges/universities you have attended
  2. Send a separate transcript from each college/university you have attended. The transcripts can be unofficial and may be mailed (RN-BSN Office, 37 CNB, Iowa City, IA 52242), faxed (319-384-4423), or sent electronically ( For the purpose of a transcript evaluation, we do not need official transcripts.
  3. When your transcript evaluation is completed, it will be sent to you electronically. The evaluation will show what courses you need to complete (prerequisites, general education requirements, and electives) prior to applying to our program. You may complete all these courses at your local community college. Once you have completed your courses at your local community college, you are ready to apply to the RN-BSN program!

For the CPH practicum course, if you live in Iowa, we will place you in a site close to your residing address (within 100 miles) with a preceptor. You can complete the community and public health practicum course over a 16- week semester and you must have a valid Iowa nursing license.

If you live outside of Iowa, you have the option of completing the CPH practicum course in an agency in Iowa over a 16-week semester, or you may do an immersion CPH practicum in Swaziland Africa. This option would be the last two weeks of the semester and the student would be responsible for any additional travel expenses associated with the trip.

For the Leadership course project, most students can complete a quality improvement project at their place of employment if they are employed in a health care agency in Iowa. If the student is employed out of state, they will need to work with the RN-BSN Program Office to secure a contract with the College of Nursing and their place of employment. If this is not secured, the student would need to complete a quality improvement project in the state of Iowa at an assigned site.