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Precepting Students with the College of Nursing

Preceptors play an important role in the education of our students. Our dedicated preceptors help us provide a rich learning environment for our students. Please check this page often for information about precepting students and the benefits of precepting for the College of Nursing.

2016 Preceptor Appreciation Reception
2016 Preceptor Appreciation Reception

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Opportunities for precepting

Precepting requirements

Preceptors may enjoy the following:

  • Invitation to preceptor appreciation events
  • Letters of reference upon request
  • Certificates of appreciation
  • Opportunities to network
  • Opportunities to teach
  • Opportunities to conduct research

Additionally, as a thank you, long-term preceptors with the University of Iowa College of Nursing may qualify for the following options:

  • Access to Hardin Health Sciences Library
  • Adjunct appointment
  • Access to faculty development seminars at the College of Nursing

Resources to consider:

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