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Center for Nursing Classification and Clinical Effectiveness (CNC)


The Center for Nursing Classification and Clinical Effectiveness (CNC), an Iowa Board of Regents-approved Center, was established in 1995 to facilitate the ongoing research and development of the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) and the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC). NIC and NOC are standardized nursing terminologies focused on nursing treatments and patient outcomes for use across settings and specialties.


The major purposes of the Center are to:

  • conduct the review processes and procedures for expanding and updating the Classifications;
  • develop and publish linkages to other Classifications such as NANDA International;
  • provide terminologies and coding systems for global use in electronic health records;
  • produce and disseminate materials related to the Classifications;
  • provide research and educational opportunities for students, faculty, fellows and visiting professors;
  • provide consultation for implementation and use of the Classifications in clinical practice and educational settings; and
  • assist faculty and students with projects and research using the Classifications.

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