Inspiring Excellence, Exceeding Expectations

While we're proud of our outstanding rankings, they are not what motivates our faculty and students. Rather, it is being at the hub of intellectual activity in nursing -- the center of innovation and discovery, where new ideas for nursing care are developed, tested, applied to patient care and then distributed throughout the world as best practices.

In addition to being national leaders in the specialties ranked below, the College of Nursing has made a commitment to developing national prominence in clinical genetics -- a discipline that will likely revolutionize health care and clinical practice in an information age.

Known for the development of evidence-based guidelines for care that are used throughout the nursing community, UI College of Nursing scientists seek to improve clinical outcomes and enhance nursing practice world-wide.

As the smallest of the Big Ten colleges of nursing, we have the agility for experimentation and innovation. Far from being a disadvantage, we trade on the value of our size and selectivity for sustaining a close intellectual community of carefully chosen faculty members and students.

2024 Undergraduate Program Ranking

# 4

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

2024-2025 Graduate Program Rankings

# 4

Nurse Anesthesia

# 4

Pediatric Primary Care Doctor of Nursing Practice *

(*) not evaluated this year but represents the program’s most recent ranking

# 4

Master's of Science in Nursing - Clinical Nurse Leader*

(*) not evaluated this year but represents the program’s most recent ranking

# 7

Adult/Gerontology, Acute Care Doctor of Nursing Practice

# 14

Family Nurse Practitioner, Doctor of Nursing Practice

# 22

Doctor of Nursing Practice