Our Clinician Wellbeing Course addresses the need to enhance the wellbeing and resilience of healthcare professionals. Drawing upon evidence that demonstrates the impact of wellbeing on patient care quality, healthcare equity, and workforce stability, this course aims to equip healthcare professionals with the psychological capital necessary to navigate the challenges inherent in their profession. By investing in wellbeing, this course focuses on promoting a healthier, safer, and more sustainable healthcare system for patients and healthcare professionals.  It is delivered asynchronously via online learning modalities, including microlearning presentations, self-assessments, skills to practice, reflective questions, and discussion prompts. Contact us to get started: nicole-weathers@uiowa.edu


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Comprehensive Curriculum

This course consists of 11 topics spread across 5 modules. Topics include: Introduction to Wellbeing, Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Connection, Self-Compassion, Optimism, Self-Appreciation, Engagement, Meaning, Grit, and Achievement. 


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Participant-Centered Microlearning

Participants proceed through the course at their own pace, completing various learning activities, reflecting on their experiences, and making plans for skill development and intentional practice of these vital intrapersonal skills.


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Versatile & Adaptable

This course is available to healthcare facilities and individuals. Use as part of an employee wellness program, nurse residency or fellowship program, or as a stand-alone professional development opportunity for any healthcare professional. 


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Continuing Education Credits

5 hours of continuing education will be awarded for successful completion by the University of Iowa College of Nursing.


Feedback from past participants

I enjoyed the resiliency portion of the program the most. It's refreshing to know that it's pretty normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious, etc, and discuss coping mechanisms for that!

I really enjoyed the resiliency modules. I started the IONRP as a nurse with two years of experience. Even though I wasn't a brand-new nurse, I learned a lot of information I wish I would have had as a new nurse during the COVID pandemic, when my self-care could have been much better.

The burnout help was literally life changing and saved my job.  I was extremely close to quitting due to the extreme exhaustion.

The program pushes resiliency, which I now know is imperative in the nursing profession.

This course was developed in partnership with Dr. Patrick Jeff’s CEO and Founder of The Resiliency Solution. Dr. Patrick Jeffs founded The Resiliency Solution to help combat the impact of chronic stress and burnout in the workplace.  The members of The Resiliency Solution believe that chronic stress negatively impacts organizations by blocking the Creativity, Productivity, and Capacity of teams and individuals.  Dr. Jeffs works with healthcare professionals, C-suite executives, start-up founders, government officials and many others to optimize their day-to-day stress levels. Together, they aim to enhance their organizations’ capacity, connection, and productivity, ultimately enabling these individuals and organizations to maximize their performance.