Speakers and Consultants

Need a speaker or consultant on Standardized Nursing Terminologies? We have experts in the following areas:

  • Development of NIC
  • Development of NOC
  • Use of NIC and NOC with nursing process
  • Implementation of NIC in education
  • Implementation of NIC in practice and in nursing information systems
  • Implementation of NOC in education
  • Implementation of NOC in practice and on nursing information systems
  • Effectiveness research using standardized languages
  • Documentation of nursing practice using standardized languages
  • Theory development related to NIC and NOC
  • Linkages between nursing diagnoses, interventions, and outcomes
  • Use of NIC and NOC in specialty practice (name the specialty area)
  • Use of NIC and NOC with clinical conditions (chronic illness)


For further information, please contact:

Noriko Abe
Ph: 319-335-7051
Email: noriko-abe@uiowa.edu