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Funding for PhD Students

All full-time students can expect tuition and 9 month stipends for the first three years of the program!! Students who are receiving this financial support are required to engage in a Graduate Assistantship in research or teaching. Graduate Assistantships enhance students’ scholarly portfolio and support the mission of the college. University of Iowa College of Nursing faculty & staff work diligently to locate funding options for each our PhD students throughout their PhD. The list below provides some examples of the funding mechanisms that are available to our PhD students.

University of Iowa Graduate College
Various sources of funding are available through the Graduate College. Please see the following URL for a list of the funding sources

Nurse Faulty Loan Program (NFLP)
Funding for students who plan to teach upon graduation is available through the NFLP program.  Funding is determined by the College of Nursing each year depending upon the dollar amount allocated by HRSA.  Students have 20% of the funding they receive forgiven for each of the first four years they are faculty member. 

Graduate Research Assistantships (RAs)
Graduate Research Assistantships are available through the College of Nursing. Graduate RAs are paid a stipend as well as receiving tuition assistance and health and dental benefits.

National Research Service Award (NRSAs, F31) for PhD Students
National Research Service Awards (nurse fellowships) are available on a competitive basis to individual registered nurses with active licenses for predoctoral research training in specified areas of nursing and in the biomedical and behavioral fields important to nursing. Students enrolled in the PhD program are expected to submit a proposal during the first two years of PhD study. Predoctoral stipends are included as part of the F31.

T32 Predoctoral Fellowships
NIH-funded Pain and Associated Symptoms pre-doctoral training program (2010-2021 T32 NR011147)