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IONRP - Testimonials


The nurse residency program has been beneficial not only to our nursing staff, patients, and families but to our culture. The nurses who participated in the residency program have been excellent spokespeople about how the residency program has enhanced their nursing careers. Specific comments I have heard from participants are related to; critical thinking, teamwork, and patient outcomes. This program provided the nurses in a rural setting the opportunity to expand their knowledge base while gaining confidence and exhibiting pride in their chosen profession."

 —Katie Heldt, Chief Nursing Executive, Greene County Medical Center, Jefferson, IA

The online platform is very easy to use and meets our needs for moving forward for accreditation. We have had great support from our IONRP partners, Nicole and Karla, they are always responsive and willing to help us create the best tool for our needs!"

—Stacey Fort, PDS Manager, Presbyterian Healthcare Services, Albuquerque, NM

The Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program taught me how to be a nurse. I learned prioritization in the real world when two doctors are demanding your attention at the same time while an admit is coming at shift change and the patient you were about to discharge starts to have chest pains. I learned how to function in a team and resolve conflict so that we can all focus on caring for our patients. I learned how to communicate important information to providers quickly. I learned there are right and wrong ways to delegate. I learned how changes to policy or procedure occur, and how to initiate and follow-up on them myself.  Within three months of starting the program, I went from being completely overwhelmed by everything I didn’t know, to having confidence in my abilities. I truly believe the residency program saved my sanity this past year.”

—Amanda Huynh, IONRP Graduate, Crawford County Memorial Hospital, Denison, IA


Spotlight Series

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