Transition-to-Practice for New Graduate Nurses

Our competency-based curriculum is delivered using a combination of online evidence-based content and monthly live discussions bringing residents together. Whether you use our curriculum as the foundation for your existing program or as a new effort in supporting new graduate nurses, you will find it is a cost-effective method that fits your modern learner’s needs.

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Residents complete microlearning videos, listen to expert podcasts, and access downloadable content focused on competencies research has shown to be lacking in new graduate nurses.



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Following the completion of the microlearning, residents are guided through knowledge checks, self-paced reflection, and monthly challenges.



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Monthly Discussions

Peer cohort discussions are held monthly to discuss experiences, share support, and get practical tips on practice improvement.



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Residents return to the units to practice strategies discussed and apply knowledge through the completion of a professional experience.



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Coaching & Support

Continued coaching and support are provided by pre-identified unit staff and managers as they progress through the program and work to complete a professional experience.

Flexible Format & Delivery

Our program can be implemented in a variety of clinical settings across the country, whether you are a small or large organization, this is the program for you. No need to wait until you have the magic number of new graduate nurses to start a cohort. Participants can access the program from anywhere, anytime. Enroll today!

Delivery Comparison


Facilities that do not want to build their own infrastructure for a nurse residency program may prefer the online option, which provides a comprehensive program. This 12-month program utilizes self-paced content and monthly live webinars in which residents network with other new graduates throughout the nation. This is a partnership between the new graduate’s employer and the IONRP. An IONRP residency facilitator and a site coordinator from the organization work together to support the new graduate nurse’s transition into practice.


Facilities with many new nurse graduates could choose the IONRP’s blended option, which provides self-paced content that serves as a base curriculum for an in-house residency program. In the blended option, nurse residents complete the online content at their convenience and attend discussion groups in their facility that are organized and led by a facility-based residency coordinator. The facility’s residency coordinator will also mentor and support the residents through the completion of a professional experience.