The Young Scientist Program (YSP)

The College of Nursing Young Scientist Program (YSP) provides mentored research experiences for undergraduate nursing students, exposure to research seminars and presentations, as well as travel support for students presenting research. This program was established in 1999 with support from donations by Nancy Stence Creason and the Lazarra Family Foundation.

There are two levels of students in the Young Scientist Program:

The College of Nursing Undergraduate Research Scholars: This is the umbrella term for a College of Nursing undergraduate participating in research in any capacity. Undergraduate students interested in working with a faculty member on their research team should contact the faculty coordinator and, if placed with a research team, enroll for 0 s.h. research credits to appear on their transcript. These students may identify themselves as a College of Nursing Undergraduate Research Scholars. They are invited to attend the YSP Lunch and Learn sessions and are able to apply for funds for poster development and travel to a professional conference. Interested students and faculty should contact

Poster and Travel Support Request Form

The College of Nursing Undergraduate Creason Fellow: A Creason Fellow is an undergraduate nursing student who proposes an independent research project under the supervision of a CON faculty member or affiliated nurse scientist. Preference is given to individuals who have been involved in the Young Scientist Program as Undergraduate Research Scholars. They are awarded up to $2000 to support their project and up to $1500 for travel to present their research at a professional conference.

Creason Fellow Application



University Honors: Students can complete their experiential learning credits for University Honors as a College of Nursing Young Scientist. Please contact Dr. Cherwin to discuss mentor matching and expectations.

College of Nursing – Honors in NursingStudents interested in participating in mentored research for their Honors in Nursing project must first apply for honors and work with the honors faculty program advisor. Honors projects arising from established mentor/mentee relationship are allowed however, the honors project must be approved by the honors program advisor.  

Other Opportunities For Funding

Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU)
The Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU) promotes undergraduate involvement in mentored research and creative projects at the University of Iowa. $2000-$2500 Fellowships awarded to research and creative scholarship projects between students and mentors.  Awards are for Summer or Academic Year time periods.  Applications open in February and close in March each year.

Iowa Bioscience Academy Program (IBA)
IBA is an NIH-funded program whose mission is to: 1) Identify academically talented undergraduate underrepresented students with aspirations for a research career and 2) Provide them with first-rate training that will facilitate their entry into doctoral programs (PhD preferred) in the biomedical, behavioral, and biophysical sciences.

Students who participate in mentored research in the College of Nursing through ICRU and IBA are also considered College of Nursing Young Scientists Undergraduate Research Scholars and are eligible to attend the YSP Lunch and Learn sessions and to apply for poster and travel  support.

For more information about any of these undergraduate research opportunities, please contact Catherine Cherwin PhD, RN, at or (319) 335-7654 or Anna Krupp PhD, RN at

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The Young Scientist Program (YSP) FAQs

The purpose of the Young Scientist Program is to connect interested students with faculty doing research in the College of Nursing. 

Any nursing interest or BSN student, at any time! 

Students can attend lab meetings, help collect and enter data, and plan a small project of their own. 

Yes! You can register for 0-3 credits depending on the amount of work you commit to.

Yes! There are paid research assistant positions available, but you can’t also get research credits at the same time. We also have funding available to support students working on an independent project. 

Please send an email to