The University of Iowa College of Nursing is a member of the Nursing Education Xchange (NEXus), which provides graduate students, MSN, DNP, and PhD, enrolled in member schools to take courses that may not be offered through the home institution. One such example is the Clinical Education in Care Environment course. Watch the video below for more information.

NURS:5018:0EXW - Clinical Education in Care Environment

Clinical education is at the core of professional education in nursing. The purpose of this course is to explore clinical education challenges and strategies to improve it. This course will prepare you to assume role of educator with individuals, groups, and communities, including staff and students; give you the tools for teaching/learning process for providing client education; provide knowledge and skills needed to effectively fill role of preceptor/mentor.



The Nexus course I took turned out to be a great experience. It covered a topic area my home institution did not offer and so it expanded my viewpoint. I took it at the end of my DNP coursework. The timing was perfect. It was great meeting a new professor and being challenged in an interdisciplinary, professional setting with colleagues who had different backgrounds. I highly recommend taking the Nexus opportunity."

--Jane Robinson, NEXus student, University of Kansas School of Nursing


The NEXus common price is $865 per semester credit and $577 per quarter credit. As with all courses, you are responsible for the cost of your books and educational materials. Please check with your financial aid advisor to demine if your institution accepts NEXus courses for financial aid considerations.

Students may use MyUI to place their transcript requests. University of Iowa transcripts are free (expedited delivery fees may apply).

Sandra Daack-Hirsch
Sandra Daack-Hirsch, PhD, RN, FAAN
Executive Associate Dean
Lin Pierce
Lin Pierce, MA
Assistant to the Executive Associate Dean