College of Nursing Staff Awards:

This person has been working at the CON for at least the past two years at 50% or greater and has not won this specific award since it began in 2017. They must exhibit at least one of the following traits: demonstrates dedication to providing the highest levels of service to colleagues and/or students; motivates and inspires people around them and fosters a culture of inclusiveness; sets a high standard of integrity through example; generates or supports innovative ideas; actively promotes meaningful and dynamic professional relationships and demonstrates commitment to teamwork and communication; promotes or actively participates in professional development; maintains a positive and constructive approach to receiving and giving feedback; and/or demonstrates dedication to providing the highest levels of service to colleagues and/or students. 


Current Recipient:

Brenda Van Dee


Past Recipients:

2023 Moly James

2022 Dianne Rash

2021 Valerie Garr

2020 Jorge Salazar

2019 Karla Christensen

2018 Linda Hand

This staff member goes above and beyond when helping customers (visitors to CON, prospective students, current students, faculty, and/or colleagues). They have built a welcoming environment which encourages questions and helps people feel at home. They can be counted on to find answers to customer questions, collaborate with others, and keep things moving forward to get the job done in a timely fashion.


Current Recipient:

Scott Sanders


Past Recipients:

2023 Maria Hein

This staff member recognizes challenges faced by the CON (i.e., unsustainable processes and practices, missed opportunities, etc.) and uses their innovative skills to find a solution. This might involve creating a new process, program, resource, or other initiative, which has resulted in improvements for our students, faculty, staff, or other constituents. These improvements could include (but are not limited to) increased efficiency, outreach, knowledge and understanding, or morale.


Current Recipient:

Jennifer Jones


Past Recipients:

Linda Hand

This person has shown a demonstrated commitment over course of time to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging within the CON community. They have taken actions to support underrepresented students, staff, or faculty; increase their own knowledge of DEI issues; and/or designed procedures, or programs to integrate DEI considerations into their unit workflow.


Current Recipient: 

Abbie Beadle


Past Recipients:

Kim Geguzis

This staff member has been on the job less than two years. This person quickly delved in their new role, and has hit the ground running, making a significant impact in their area of expertise.


Current Recipient:

Laura Goddard


Past Recipients:

Linda Morris

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Nomination Information

The nomination period for the 2024-25 awards has not yet been announced. Please check back for updates.