College of Nursing Faculty Award Categories:

***Different from the Collegiate Teaching Award***

Tenure Track Teaching Award; Clinical Track Teaching Award; and Instructional Track Teaching Award

The Faculty Teaching Excellence Award honors faculty who exemplifies teaching excellence. The awardee contributes to the teaching mission of the College of Nursing by going above and beyond traditional and required teaching responsibilities. Excellence in teaching also includes but is not limited to a superior ability and clear evidence to:

  • Convey knowledge of subject matter.
  • Use traditional and innovative methods to engage, inspire and stimulate student interest.
  • Establish an environment that is conductive to discussion and learning that includes encouraging students to express different points of view. 
  • Be highly accessible to students.
  • Freely and consistently coach and foster students to take advantage of their skills in pursuing professional opportunities.  

Awardees demonstrate a significant impact on advancing nursing knowledge through distinguished contributions to nursing/health care scholarship. Outstanding scholarship includes but is not limited to evidence of sustained contributions to:

  • Evolving science for the discipline of nursing.
  • Development of nursing knowledge that impacts patients/families and health care.
  • Translation of knowledge for application.

Demonstrates excellence in patient-centric clinical or professional practice that enhances scholarship and education. The recipient is a faculty member who is recognized for leadership in practice through: funded projects; evidence-based care; research translation into clinical practice; innovative practice models; and/or significant contributions to quality and safety improvement for clinical or professional practice.

This award is given in recognition of excellence in achievements for institutional/professional service. The recipient is a faculty member who has made significant and outstanding contributions to the College of Nursing, University of Iowa, the state of Iowa, and/or national or international contributions to the Nursing Profession. These contributions are exemplary in nature and are above and beyond the existing faculty expectations.  

The Awardee demonstrates a commitment to foster scholarship and ongoing professional development in other members of the faculty through wise counsel, coaching, and facilitating opportunities for achievement. The recipient is a faculty member who embraces a senior to junior or peer to peer supportive relationship to guide, advice and provide feedback. Faculty who exemplify excellence in mentorship have evidence that includes but is not limited to:

  • Creation of supportive and nurturing relationship with another faculty member(s).
  • Faculty assistance in managing the complex demands of academic life.
  • Mentee support in taking full advantage of their skills and professional opportunities.

The Dean’s Award recognizes faculty that epitomizes the mission and vision of the College of Nursing. The recipient demonstrates focus on concepts of the College of Nursing mission: Education, Research and Creative Work, Outreach and Health Care. In addition, the awardee supports the College of Nursing pillars: student success, knowledge and practice, new frontiers in the arts, better futures for Iowans. Foundational commitments also include internationalization, sustainability, collaboration, enterprise and innovation. 

Honors faculty that have served as an exceptional mentor to undergraduate/graduate students in the introduction of and participation in substantive scholarship including student led research, data driven evidence-based quality improvement initiatives, academic or public policy change or other substantive student leadership relevant to the profession. The awardee demonstrates fostering student engagement, student academic and professional development; a mutually rewarding relationship; faculty accessibility as a resource; and faculty guidance, advice, and feedback. Evidence of faculty involvement that exceeds the curriculum must be apparent.

Honors a faculty member that demonstrates a commitment to innovation by re-envisioning traditional models, approaches, concepts or methods. The awardee exhibits a futuristic approach to nursing practice, healthcare systems, or knowledge development that stimulate, inspire and challenge the status quo. Evidence of new ideas and innovative strategies that elevate student learning, knowledge development or health care may include but are not limited to:

  • Technology in the classroom or clinical environment.
  • Interactive educational strategies including best practices in simulation.
  • New models of care, protocols, or theories.
  • New methodologies or analytical models.



Nomination Criteria

  • Nominations can be initiated by current students, faculty, colleagues, department administrators, deans, or by self-nomination.
  • Nomination letters with multiple signatures will be accepted.
  • Nominees must be current members of the faculty with at least a 50% appointment at the College of Nursing.
  • Each award can only be won once. (*click here to see past recipients)

Required documents: 

  • Brief nomination letter that includes title of the award and description of how the candidate meets the award criteria  
  • Nominee’s current curriculum vitae
  • Student support (or nomination) letter required for all Teaching awards and Mentorship awards.  
  • Any additional materials that may support the candidate’s nomination.

Nominating materials must be submitted in PDF format to Molly James ( 



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