Honors has been the most challenging experience I have had in my nursing education, but it has also helped me grow into a more flexible and knowledgeable student nurse.

I am thankful for my experience in Honors and am so proud of the work I have done!

-2021 Nursing Honors student

What is Nursing Honors?

With the support of a faculty mentor and the Honors advisor, students plan and execute a project that results in an evidence-based scholarly product. Nursing Honors is a two sequential semester commitment.

  • Semester 1: students complete an online seminar designed to plan and develop the honors project and related scholarly product
  • Semester 2: students complete the project planned during the first semester, investing a minimum of 120 hours (avg. 8-10 hours/week)

Why participate in Honors?

Honors is an opportunity to work with a faculty mentor and/or expert clinician(s) to gain the skills and experience that will lead to the successful completion of graduate school. Honors can open new horizons and allows the student to develop their critical thinking, scientific writing and leadership skills

Who is eligible to participate?

Undergraduates with a nursing major (pre-licensure BSN students or RN-BSN students) are eligible for Nursing Honors whether or not the student is participating in University Honors.

To be eligible to apply, students must:

  • be enrolled in nursing major coursework and pre-licensure students must be juniors or seniors
  • have two or more sequential semesters remaining in their program of study
  • have a UI cumulative GPA of 3.5 and a nursing GPA of 3.5

Learn more

The Honors advisor, Dr. Ruth E. Grossmann, invites students to explore the program and is available for either individual or group appointments. Dr. Grossmann can share examples of Honors projects that have been completed, discuss ways that clinical/career interests may be developed into Honors work, and guide students interested in research to active research faculty members in the student’s area of interest.

To schedule an appointment with the Honors advisor, email: ruth-grossmann@uiowa.edu

Download the Honors in Nursing infosheet here


To apply for Nursing Honors, please complete the application via the link below.

Honors Application Link

Dec 10

Application Deadline for spring enrollment

May 10

Application deadline for fall enrollment