The University of Iowa Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) program provides comprehensive didactic and clinical experiences that are needed for nurses to successfully enter into advanced practice in any psychiatric-mental health environment, and is renowned for preparing remarkable psychiatric-mental health clinicians. The program's leading-edge, doctorate level curriculum prepares our students to be leaders in the profession and throughout the U.S. health care system.

Feb. 1

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Kiran Annam headshot

Kiran Annam

I see PMHNPs as a vital part of the healthcare system in the future, simply because the supply of psychiatric providers does not meet the demand that exists, therefore it is vital that we PMHNPs look to be as versatile and flexible in as many areas of healthcare as possible, including therapy, basic management of the overall health of the patient, and resources that are available when a patient needs something outside the scope or comfort of the PMHNP.

I currently work with the adult population at Iowa Health Care and see a combination of general population, geriatrics, intellectual disability, and LGBTQ. I also spend time in interventional psychiatry working with esketamine patients.

Lisbeth Whaley

Lisbeth Whaley

I chose to go to Iowa because I wanted to graduate from a reputable program with a degree that held merit compared to other programs. The program afforded flexibility without compromising quality through a blended learning style allowing me to fulfill family and military obligations.

Julie Trout

Julie Trout

The biggest thing I take with me [from the PMHNP program] is collaboration. Being able to work in a primary care clinic really allows me to work in collaboration with a patient/client's PCP. I think PMHNPs are an important role in helping fix the severe shortages for therapy and medication management in mental health.

I have been a PMHNP now for four years. I am currently working in an outpatient clinic with primary care. I see psychiatric/mental health ages 6+. I see a range of patients from ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc. 

Julia Sass

Julia Sass

In both my undergrad and graduate programs [at Iowa] I have learned from experienced nursing professionals who not only have great knowledge of nursing but care about my success and future. I have made connections that will last a lifetime, and it has been an experience I wouldn’t change for anything.

Rene Buenzow

Rene Buenzow

I loved my PMHNP experience at UI. I am a first-generation, non-traditional college student who years ago could only dream of obtaining a terminal degree in nursing. The UI nursing professors and staff challenged and supported me along the way to make my life-long dream come true. After completing the program, I feel more confident in my learned skill set to collaborate in many areas of healthcare and I learned a great deal about leadership.

There are so many opportunities for PMHNPs in the future, as many of us are underutilized in our current roles. PMHNPs are innovators and can be clinicians, exec/administrative leaders, educators, policy advocates, and researchers. 

Currently, I do part of my week as a FNP and the other part of my week as a PMHNP. I see the lifespan in both areas including, but not limited to, ADHD, anxiety, depression, BPD, bipolar, and addiction.

Hermina Tandia

Hermina Tandia

After completing BSN studies at Iowa and working as an RN for five years, I decided to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to respond and deliver care in a more holistic manner. The focus and insistence on career goals and pathway is phenomenal at Iowa, and I’m comfortable and confident where this program is leading me to.

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