The mission of the Young Alumni Board (YAB) is to support the University of Iowa College of Nursing through its diversity and current status as a young professional in the discipline of nursing. The manner in which the Board supports the College of Nursing is as follows:

  1. By assisting current students transition successfully into the career of nursing by completion of such activities as mentoring and orientation of new graduates into their place of employment, specifics of nursing practice or geographical location and;
  2. By working with the Dean’s Office and the alumni representative to the Alumni Association Board to optimize the role of the College of Nursing in preparing current and future students for future careers in nursing and:
  3. By supporting the engagement of young alumni with the College of Nursing through the use of social media.

Members must hold a BSN degree from the College of Nursing at Iowa and must have graduated within two years at the start of the term. Members shall serve a term of two consecutive years and shall not exceed four consecutive years of service.

The YAB shall meet collectively once per academic year in the fall and have a spring conference call arranged by the Office of the Dean.

Members of the Young Alumni Board with Dean Zerwic and Associate Dean Nicholson